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About Southern Willow Events  

Hi! I'm Maegan, the owner of Southern Willow Events (SWE). I have spent most of my adult life celebrating, organizing and serving others in ways that bring them joy in the time and space they need it. My mission has always been to leave people, places and events better than I found them. I do this with honesty, integrity, a little southern charm and a lot of vibrant energy. My goal is to bring fresh and new foods into anyone's home! I have spent my entire adulthood throwing parties, making meals and celebrating others.


In between there my husband and I are the ultimate foodies, always looking for the next recipe or meal to try with our two beautiful sons in tow! Matt and I have been making each other crazy and married for15 years! He is and will always be my favorite adventure! We have Knox who is 9, he is a soft-hearted tree-hugging, animal-loving, blonde hair, blued eyed boy. Then we have Knight, our 3-year-old, red-headed, green-eyed, climbing, jumping, scared of nothin', baby boy. They are everything I never thought to ask for and my why.


Browse our custom charcuterie boxes and boards here or contact us so we can see how we can help you!

Lets Eat!



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