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My Secret Ingredients!

Hello, I'm Maegan!

I thought I would introduce myself! I am normally a fairly private person, and keep a small circle of people in my life. I am an Oklahoma girl, born and raised here. I married my high school sweetheart in 2007. We have two adorable sons, Knox is 8 and Knight is 2. I could write an entire book filled with a million reasons why I love them, and how they have changed me in unexplainable ways, but if you're a parent or have ever been in love with someone for 15 years, you mostly get the gist, and can relate. They inspire a lot of my kitchen creativity and we like to pull up chairs for the kids and cook together most nights! They all think I'm the best cook on the planet and that feeds my Leo heart and I usually don't disagree with them! LOL We also have a sweet four legged girl named Rosie, she has made our family feel complete!

I am the oldest of 4 kids(real bossy and assertive), an aunt to 3 amazing little humans. Easton, Harper, and Baxter. These special creatures all know me as Mae Mae, my favorite name to hear other than momma. I became an Aunt before I was a momma, and have so many beautiful memories from their bright lights radiating and filling my life. I have spent my adulthood celebrating others, whether it be an 80 person Fourth of July party, or having over 50 people at my house for Christmas. My family jokes they will put on my headstone “She fed them all” HA.

I can't really say how Southern Willow Events started, I named it many moons ago but didn't have the courage to LLC myself for years. I couldn't process how I could actually build something I love doing and call it “work.” I finally jumped head first in March of 2020, you know when the world ended and no one could gather! LOL It has since that day totally surprised me, and created something within Boards and Boxes I couldn't have even dreamed of! I have thrown the last 10 years into being completely engulfed in food and recipes. I have bought, studied, made, and traveled for so many foods in the last decade. I became interested in diet restrictions, aversions, and overall health by what we fuel our bodies with. I'm also a bit of a hippie by nature, which reflects in lots of ways in my company. I am always trying to be as eco-friendly as possible for my clients, and our planet. With my obsession with foods and their effects on our bodies, it is incredibly important to me that I bring the freshest, balanced food into your life! Celebrating others is a part of my core, and I think it never had a beginning or an end for me, it's just who I am as long as I am. Southern Willow Events has always been here, but I'm finally excited to have the opportunity to share it with you, and to be invited into your sweetest of memories.

Lets Eat.

XO, Maegan

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